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Python Django

Learn creating website in Django with our expert Django Python training modules. This course helps you gain expertise in web framework, Django powered project, web application, Templates, Django Admin, Models etc.

Course Content

  • Django project architecture.

  • Understanding

  • Understanding

  • Understanding and

  • Understanding and Python regular expression.

  • Introduction to Apache Spark

  • Django project architecture.

  • Understanding

  • Understanding

  • Understanding

  • Developing standard web template.

  • Template tags.

  • Filters in templates.

  • Template API

  • Activating the Admin interface.

  • Creating super user for Admin site.

  • Using the Admin site and django.contrib package.

  • Defining Models using Python classes.

  • Defining Model data fields.

  • Initializing model using makemigrations.

  • Running model initialization using migrate.

  • Registering models in

  • Registering models with Admin site.

  • Understanding the view layer.

  • Requesting a web page via URL.

  • Rendering web page via view function.

  • Render HTTPResponse to templates.

  • Understanding context data and Python dictionary type.

  • Form basics ( GET and POST methods).

  • Form validation.

  • Rendering forms.

  • ModelForm.

  • Creating static repository.

  • Loading static files.

  • Adding image file to template.

  • Advance Models, Views, Forms and Admin.

  • Understanding model fields in depth.

  • Database function.

  • Creating a template library.

  • Writing custom template filter.

  • Registering the tags

  • Writing template loader.

Python Django TrainerDjango Python Trainer

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