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CCNA Security Course

CCNA Security validates knowledge of security infrastructure, threats, and vulnerabilities to networks and threat mitigation.

CCNA Security Course Ingredients

1.Common network security concepts
2.Secure routing and switching infrastructure
3.Deploy basic authentication, authorization, and accounting services (AAA)
4.802.1x authentication and BYOD
5.Deploy basic firewalling services
6.Deploy basic site-to-site and remote access VPN services
7.Advanced security services such as intrusion protection, content security and identity management
8.Develop a comprehensive network security policy to counter threats against information security
9.Configure routers with Cisco IOS software security features, including management and reporting functions
10.Bootstrap the Cisco ASA Firewall for use in a production network
11.Configure the Cisco ASA Firewall for remote access to a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) VPN
12.Configure a Cisco IOS zone-based firewall (ZBF) to perform basic security operations on a network
13.Configure site-to-site VPNs using Cisco IOS features
14.Configure security features on IOS switches to mitigate various Layer 2 and Layer 3 attacks
15.How a network can be compromised using freely available tools
16.Implement line passwords, and enable passwords and secrets
17.Examine authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) concepts and features using the local database as well as Cisco Secure ACS 5.8
18.Configure packet filtering on the perimeter router L

Benefits of CCNA Security Certification:

1.Helps you acquire skills to design, implement, and support security for networked devices
2. CCNA Security certification empowers network professional the essential skills required to come up with a security infrastructure, diagnose network vulnerabilities and mitigate security threats.
3. CCNA Security certification is beneficial to build on your skills and prepares you for Cisco Security certification.

RHCE Roles & Responsibilities:fication:

1.Network Security Specialist
2.Security Administrator
3.Network Security Support Engineer
4.Information security professionals

Course Content

Total hours:60 Hours

AWS TrainerCCNA Security Trainer

A dynamic and self - motivated Trainer and System Administrator. Aspiring for a Bright and challenging career in the field of Training and Networking Technology, which could enable me to upgrade myself with emerging trends and technologies to benefits of the professional growth and accomplishment of organizational goals.

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