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Data Science Training In Bangalore

Learn Data Science in Bangalore

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Data Science Course

Learn the most important Data Science libraries in this step by step course.

  1. Basic Notebook commands
  2. Variables and conversions in Python
  3. Variables, lists, dictionaries, sets, classes in Python
  4. Definition of a function
  5. Date management
  6. Reading and writing files
  7. Mathematical functions in Numpy
  8. Functions to create random data
  9. Indexing methods
  10. Pivot tables in Pandas
  11. Display options
  12. RAM memory optimization for large amounts of data
  13. Through this training we are going to learn how to use Python to create fascinating data visualizations.
  14. Learn Data Visualization, Development Setup and Language Learning Bridge between Python and JS
  15. Learn Reading and Writing Data with Python, Webdev 101 and Getting Data off the Web with Python
  16. Learn Heavyweight Scraping with Scrapy, Plotting and Visualization, and Data Aggregations and Group operations
  17. Learn Financial and Economic Data Application
  18. Build a recommendation engine

Benefits of Data Science Certification:

1. Highly Reduced Time Requirements
2. Reduced Cost Requirements
3. Eligibility Across Various Domains And Industries
4. High demand for analytics professionals

Data Science Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Data Engineer
2. Data Scientist
3. Data Analyst
4. Analytics Manager
5. Business analyst
6. Data Architect

Data Science Salary

The average salary (Source) for a Data Science Engineer in India is Rs 699,928.

Python Trainer

A dynamic and self - motivated Trainer and System Administrator. Aspiring for a Bright and challenging career in the field of Training and Networking Technology, which could enable me to upgrade myself with emerging trends and technologies to benefits of the professional growth and accomplishment of organizational goals.

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Course Features

  • Duration: 30 Hours
Fees: ₹ 9000

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