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Deep Learning Course

Deep Learning is widely applied in the space technology, weather technology, healthcare technology & smartphone applications. Deep Learning is heavily adopted across many industry domains all over the globe.

The Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, and Matplotlib stack: prep for deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Benefits of Deep Learning Certification:

1. Time and Cost benefits
2. Quality scores with accurate results
3. Growth in jobs

Deep Learning Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Deep Learning Engineer
2. Deep Learning Researcher
3. Deep Learning Engineer
4. Research Scientist

Deep Learning Salary

The average salary (Source) for a Deep Learning Engineer in India is Rs 693,564.

Course Content

Total hours:30 hours

  • Understand supervised machine learning (classification and regression) with real-world examples using Scikit-Learn.

  • Understand and code using the Numpy stack.

  • Make use of Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, and Pandas to implement numerical algorithms.

  • Understand the pros and cons of various machine learning models, including Deep Learning, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Linear Regression, Boosting.

 Deep LearningDeep Learning Trainer

A dynamic and self - motivated Trainer and System Administrator. Aspiring for a Bright and challenging career in the field of Training and Networking Technology, which could enable me to upgrade myself with emerging trends and technologies to benefits of the professional growth and accomplishment of organizational goals.

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