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ReactJs Course

React JS is an efficient JavaScript framework for creating interactive UI. React JS will update & render specific components when your data will be changes.

Benefits of ReactJs Certification:

1. React JS is the most popular JavaScript language
2. Building interactive web applications & native mobile apps
3. Used extensively in Instagram, Netflix, PayPal, Apple <

ReactJs Roles & Responsibilities:

1. ReactJs Developer
2. Front End Develop
3. Software Developer

ReactJs Salary

The average salary (Source) for Skill: ReactJS Rs 725K

Course Content

Total hours: 30 Hours

  • React elements

  • JSX

  • Components

  • Props

  • State

  • Lifecycle methods

  • Form and input managing

  • Conditional Rendering

  • React Router V4

  • Understand fundamental React concepts

  • Use some of ES6/ES7 JavaScript features

  • Use de-facto standard routing solution for React applications - React Router

  • Maintain and organize their React code base

ReactJSReactJs Trainer

A dynamic and self - motivated Trainer and System Administrator. Aspiring for a Bright and challenging career in the field of Training and Networking Technology, which could enable me to upgrade myself with emerging trends and technologies to benefits of the professional growth and accomplishment of organizational goals.

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