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Spark and Scala

Spark and Scala training offers you to create Spark applications using the Scala programming. The course provides you techniques to increase application performance and enable high-speed processing using Spark RDDs.The course includes Big Data, Hadoop Core Concepts, Scala Basics, Apache Spark, Working with RDD’s, Spark SQL structure data ( Hive with spark sql) batch processing, Spark Streaming unstructured data , and real time processing.

Course Content

  • Understanding Data & Hadoop: Basic Concepts

  • What is BigData.

  • Characteristics of BigData..

  • Problems with BigData.

  • Handling BigData.

  • Scala Installation

  • Know the concepts of classes in scala.

  • The Hadoop Project and Hadoop Components.

  • Object orientation in scala.

  • Primitive Datatypes.

  • Scala simple build tool – SBT.

  • Functional programming in scala – Closures,Currying,Anonymous functions.

  • Exploring mutable and immutable variables.

  • Execution of Scala code through REPL or CLI.

  • Working on basic programming constructs.

  • Collections – array,set.

  • Introduction to Apache Spark

  • Hadoop vs Spark.

  • Why Spark.

  • Batch Vs. Real Time Big Data Analytics.

  • Spark Installation and Configuration.

  • Spark Execution Architecture.

  • Components of Spark – SQL,Streaming,Storm,GraphX.

  • Understanding Spark Context.

  • Resilient Distributed Data (RDD) – Partitions,Features ,Parallelism.

  • RDD operations – Transformations and Actions.

  • RDD - DeepDive,Persistance/Caching,Lineage.

  • Types of RDD -Pair RDD,chain RDD.

  • Spark API programming.

  • Executing spark program with SBT and spark-assembly.

  • Understanding spark-submit..

  • Tuples
  • Running spark program in local mode and in cluster.

  • Spark SQL overview.

  • Understanding Dataframes,Datasets.

  • Dataframes Vs RDD’s.

  • Processing data using Dataframes.

  • Hive Context.

  • Custom case classes.

  • Temp tables Vs Persistent tables.

  • Inferring Schema programmatically.

  • Querying files as tables – CSV,Text,JSON,Parquet.

  • Standard transformations in querying.

  • Analytics and Window functions in sql.

  • Working of Spark SQL in Native and Hive context.he from...import Statement.

  • Features of Spark Streaming.

  • Understanding Dstreams.

  • Use case 1:- Streaming data from netcat server.

  • Use case 2:- Flume and spark streaming integration

  • Use case 3:- Kafka and Spark streaming integration (kafka -messaging service).

  • Sliding window operations.

  • Transformers and Estimators.

Spark & Scala TrainerSpark & Scala Trainer

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